Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stuff around the house

Well no fair today. Weather's nasty cold and rainy. I'm spending the day hanging pictures, setting up my movie shelf and painting a cute little side table that I picked up at a yard sale down in Ga.

I found this table for $7 at a yard sale and I absolutely love it! The top of the table was painted a weird shade of yellow, but it just took a few coats of brown paint, and now it's perfect! I love it in the hallway.

Jay got this paddle at his ranger school graduation, and I put it above the table. I think it definitely suits there.

I also hung some pictures and a little plaque in the hallway as well. I have a bunch of other things that need hanging up, but I'll have to pick up some bigger nails for those. I only have tiny little nails left.

Here's the movie shelf and the doggie corner. I totally went ocd and sorted the movies by categories (alphabetized of corse lol. action, comedy, disney, drama, then horror), then alphabetized within each section lol. It'll make finding movies so much easier, so make fun of me all you want =)


  1. LOVE the table!!!!!! And HAHA about the movies... Blockbuster totally made us OCD about movies. If even one movie is out of categorie or abc order I start to FREAK out!! And I seriously still order them on the counter and pick them up like I used to when we went to place them on the floor!! LOL!!

  2. lol I do the same thing! I guess you can't work at blockbuster for two years and not get ocd about your movies! haha!!