Thursday, November 3, 2011

Something I swore I'd never do!

For as long as I can remember, I've always thought that putting any form of clothing on a dog was just cruel.

Well something apparently changed... Yuenger now owns 3 shirts and a blue argyle jacket (which I must say he looks super handsome in). The jacket is mainly for practical reasons though, so it's a bit more acceptable. Before I got him his jacket, he would come inside shivering after his potty breaks in the backyard.

Both Yuenger and Gracie have Detroit Lions football jerseys, because they have to represent for their daddy.

My dogs are my children, what can I say?! I love my brats =)

Smile! =)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinterest Obsession

So I recently discovered Pinterest! Not sure how I didn't know about it before, but it's amazing! It's making me want to craft like crazy, lol. Here's a few things I've been working on:

I made these hurricane vases out of 4 Dollar Tree vases. I've seen it done several times, and it was something I've been wanting to do. This one was so easy. I simply took one of each, and used epoxy to glue them together! Turned out great I think! 
(and I'm loving the acorns I put in them. Perfectly easy fall decor =))

I also made a twine wrapped letter. I love the way this looks too! Just wrapped some twine around a 99 cent wooden letter from Hobby Lobby. It was really simple, although I must say, I think W is the most difficult letter for this lol! I had to do it in six parts!

I totally jacked this idea from a friend, but I love these coasters. I have a TON of wine corks, and I'm always looking for crafts using them.

Another Dollar Tree Craft. These were hideous ceramic birds, but I've been looking for some birds for our master bedroom, and I knew I could make these perfect. Just took a little spray paint!

My chalkboard clock before and after. I've been looking for something to hang over my stove for a while, but I just couldn't find anything that I was crazy about. I've seen a bunch of ideas for using chalkboard spray paint and loved them all! So I started digging around in my closets and found this clock. Not so much my style, but I knew I could make it work. 

Jay says it looks silly without the numbers, but I wanted it to be more of a place for notes. Besides, it's right next to the microwave, and seriously who can't read a clock without numbers?! Lol it's just a tad bit more difficult.

This is fall-ish wreath for the front door. I wanted something simple, and I think this suits perfectly. Just a  branch wreath and some ribbon, with a bow of course ;)

This is a flag for our kitchen wall. Jay had it before, but apparently it was in the shed at the old house, because I'd never seen it before a week ago. I'm doing a red white and blue kitchen, so this was perfect. I just spray painted the frame to make it match the rest of the finishes.

And we're making BEER!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stuff around the house continued

I finished a few more projects around the house today!

I found this little sign at my friend Crystal's yard sale. It was pink and white (not so much my style), but I saw potential in it, and I knew I had tons of paint at home! All I had to do was paint it completely brown, mix a shade of green, and trace over the letters that were already there. Too easy!

And I finally hung up this little piece of art that Gracie and Yuenger helped me make a little while back. I absolutely love it! It's things like this that add personality to a house, and make it a home.

I also got my new Scentsy warmer in (and put a couple of hazelnut latte bars in it. yum!). I changed some things around and I love the way it looks.

This is another one of my yard sale finds. I love all things inspired by nature and I think this look perfect in the center of the kitchen table =)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stuff around the house

Well no fair today. Weather's nasty cold and rainy. I'm spending the day hanging pictures, setting up my movie shelf and painting a cute little side table that I picked up at a yard sale down in Ga.

I found this table for $7 at a yard sale and I absolutely love it! The top of the table was painted a weird shade of yellow, but it just took a few coats of brown paint, and now it's perfect! I love it in the hallway.

Jay got this paddle at his ranger school graduation, and I put it above the table. I think it definitely suits there.

I also hung some pictures and a little plaque in the hallway as well. I have a bunch of other things that need hanging up, but I'll have to pick up some bigger nails for those. I only have tiny little nails left.

Here's the movie shelf and the doggie corner. I totally went ocd and sorted the movies by categories (alphabetized of corse lol. action, comedy, disney, drama, then horror), then alphabetized within each section lol. It'll make finding movies so much easier, so make fun of me all you want =)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend plans!

So it's finally friday! The weather here is awesome. I'm sitting outside with the dogs right now wearing a hoodie! I have the day off today and I have some fun and some not so fun plans for the weekend:

Cleaning, lot of cleaning. The bathrooms and kitchen need some serious scrubbing, so I plan on turning on my favorite pandora station on the tv and jamming out while getting all of that out of the way. That's the not so fun part. Then I'm off to pick up my friend Gwen's daughter from school. I love her kids! Tonight I'm just having a lazy night in playing with my furbabies. Saturday morning I'm waking up bright and early to go to a yard sale, and I'll hopefully find some good stuff to decorate my house with. I'm pretty much starting from scratch with this house as far as decor goes, because our house before was pretty much a bachelor pad. So any cute decor will be very welcomed! Saturday afternoon I'm going to the fair with miss Aricca! I'm so excited about this. I haven't been to a fair in years. I'm definitely going to stuff my face with a yummy funnel cake! Can't wait. I don't normally trust fair rides, but I'm sure I'll end up on a few! Should be a lot of fun. Then Sunday who knows. Hopefully some last minute plans. Last Sunday I drove six hours home after visiting my family and best friends back in Georgia, so a lazy day in wouldn't be such a bad thing.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My first blog

Welp, my friend Amberly has convinced me to start a blog, so here goes...

Right now my hubs is away for a month training, no cell phones allowed. Not so fun for me. It is however giving me a chance to decorate my home, and get settled in to my new job at a vets office.

For those that don't know, I have the world's craziest dogs. First there's Yuenger, named after Yuengling, America's Oldest Brewery and my favorite beer. He's a 7 and a half month old chihuahua/jack russell mix. Then there's Gracie, a 3 and a half month old pitbull/hound mix. She already weighs twice what her big brother does. 

They're always getting into something, whether it's digging in the trash, eating ANOTHER dog bed that I've just bought them, or tearing up the blinds (not going into that one. Not a funny story since it'll cost about $150 to fix). Usually the things they do just make me laugh though. Today for instance a collar was eaten. When I left for work at about 7 this morning, I placed both of the dogs in the same crate, since there's more than enough room for now. Normally they don't do anything bad in the crate. They just sleep and chew on bones all day. 
Today that was not the story. When i went to let them out of the cage and take them outside, I noticed Yuenger wasn't wearing a collar. I looked in the crate and found his tags and parts to the collar. That's all. So I guess Miss Gracie decided Yuenger's collar looked extra yummy today lol...

Now on to my home! Since my husband is away, my project to keep me busy is decorating the house. I've been buying furniture, buying decor, and making lots of crafts! It's been a lot of fun. Today I stopped on my way home from work and bought this little pumpkin. It's the first bit of fall decor for me =). I also finished my wine cork display. I think it looks good there. Oh, and btw, I did not drink all of that wine! Lol, I got impatient and bought a bunch from a restaurant. It would've taken me years to collect all of those!

Now off to dinner with a friend from back home who's husband is stationed up here with us. They moved up here just a month after us! So happy about that... Peace out!