Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stuff around the house continued

I finished a few more projects around the house today!

I found this little sign at my friend Crystal's yard sale. It was pink and white (not so much my style), but I saw potential in it, and I knew I had tons of paint at home! All I had to do was paint it completely brown, mix a shade of green, and trace over the letters that were already there. Too easy!

And I finally hung up this little piece of art that Gracie and Yuenger helped me make a little while back. I absolutely love it! It's things like this that add personality to a house, and make it a home.

I also got my new Scentsy warmer in (and put a couple of hazelnut latte bars in it. yum!). I changed some things around and I love the way it looks.

This is another one of my yard sale finds. I love all things inspired by nature and I think this look perfect in the center of the kitchen table =)


  1. Totally LOVE the puppy painting! So unique! You're doing so great!!!

  2. Yeah I love it too. I'm just trying to stay busy lol